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14: ThoughtExperiments, Election Day, and Writing

Mike and Tones focus on a theme of balancing the narrow scope of the concrete vs. the wide scope of fundamentals by talking about the 2012 Presidential election and Thought Experiments. While the election showed the dire need of philosophic thought in political campaigns, Thought Experiments show the value in bringing ideas down to the concrete level for better understanding. We also discuss if philosophy has a role in writing.

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Tones gives a plug for a great “armchair philosopher” book: The Pig That Wants To Be Eaten by Julian Baggini. You can find it here on AMAZON

Music by Buskerdroid (free music archive) and NIGHTOSAUR (because they said I could).


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13: Breaking Bad, Pragmatism, Principles, and Business

Mike and Tones discuss the philosophic ideas within the Breaking Bad TV series, Mike’s new business classes, and the situations where one must choose one value over another. All of this links our ongoing theme of principles. Plato gets some more love as well as we bring up the Crito again.

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Ep11: Socrates II: Apology, Crito, Democracy and Principles.

Mike and Tones continue their discussion on Socrates in the Apology and the Crito, focusing on what philosophic ideas we can pull from these stories and why they are essential to even those who don’t study philosophy.  What does the tragic story of Socrates say about living according to principles?  What does it say about Democracy?

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Ep8: FreeWill, B.F. Skinner, and Aesthetics

A discussion of B.F. Skinner and Tones’s recent findings on Twitter take us deeper into the discussion of Freewill.  We also begin our discussion of Aesthetics, but merely as a teaser for Episode 9.

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Bumper Music by Nightosaur off of their NEW album, SpaceAxers.  Check them out here: NIGHTOSAUR  or click here for a free download: THERE MAY BE DRAGONS


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Sketch of Episode IV (Link to Podcast is below):

In this Episode, Tony and Mike discuss a USA Today OpEd claiming that we don’t have FreeWill.  We then remember that we forgot to talk about REASON in EpIII’s Intro To Epistemology, so we briefly touch upon that.  Moving on to ETHICS, Mike and I lay out the FUNDAMENTAL element of our personal views on Ethics (our standard of value), setting up shop for future discussions on Ethics.  Lastly, we discuss Kierkegaard as our chosen philosopher/philosophy of the moment.

We learned:

  • NOISE!  Sorry about it.  In the first 6 minutes, something was wrong with the recording and we are left with some cracks and pops.  The last 20 minutes are filled with the joyous sounds of Mike’s son playing with his HotWheel Cars.  I hope you think it’s cute and not annoying.  We’ll strive to keep quiet next time.  Thanks for your patience.
  • Wiki was down during this podcast.  We support the fight against SOPA/PIPA.  Click here.
  • Tony still needs to learn to SLOW DOWN!  Whew…. take a breath!
  • This new format works.  We will continue to chose a philosopher or philosophy for each podcast for a nice discussion (on top of the usual smorgasbord of topics).

Thanks to you for checking us out.  We promise to improve with every episode!  Stick with us and be sure to suggest themes, questions, etc. to or @philopodcast on Twitter.


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