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Ep11: Socrates II: Apology, Crito, Democracy and Principles.

Mike and Tones continue their discussion on Socrates in the Apology and the Crito, focusing on what philosophic ideas we can pull from these stories and why they are essential to even those who don’t study philosophy.  What does the tragic story of Socrates say about living according to principles?  What does it say about Democracy?

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Upcoming: Socrates pt. ii

Leaving off with Theaetetus in Ep 10, Socrates was on his way to a trial. Mike and I plan on continuing this story by discussing The Apology and Crito in Ep 11. While these early works of Plato are more literary works than philosophical dissertations, we’ll discuss what philosophic ideas can be extracted from these two short stories and wrap up any leftover thoughts on our overview of the (character?) Socrates.

We’re hoping to record soon and have the installment up within a week or so.

Thanks for your continued interest! See you next week!


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