Episodes 1 – 5

Episode V: Egalitarianism, Nietzsche, and SOP’s 

Moving on to Politics, we discuss Egalitarianism.  We also discuss a few reading tips for the philosophy student, Tones gives an analogy that shows the need to avoid Pragmatism and to define your principles, and we close with our initial thoughts on Nietzsche (before discussing him further in Episode VI).

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Bumper Music by Nightosaur (intro) and Hump! (outro)


Episode IV: Kierkegaard, Ethics, Reason, and Free Will

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In this Episode, Tony and Mike discuss a USA Today OpEd claiming that we don’t have FreeWill.  We then remember that we forgot to talk about REASON in EpIII’s Intro To Epistemology, so we briefly touch upon that.  Moving on to ETHICS, Mike and I lay out the FUNDAMENTAL element of our personal views on Ethics (our standard of value), setting up shop for future discussions on Ethics.  Lastly, we discuss Kierkegaard as our chosen philosopher/philosophy of the moment.


Episode III: Merry New Year, More Metaphysics, and Epistemology

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In this Episode, Tony discusses his new appreciation for New Years, Mike and Tony continue last episode’s discussion on Metaphysics, and begin their Introduction to Epistemology.  Tony shares some listener feedback, starting a brief conversation regarding lying.  Rather than taking the usual Ethical approach to this topic, Tony and Mike instead discuss lying with Metaphysics in mind.


EPISODE II: Rudolf, Rainbow Fish, Metaphysics

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In this Episode, Tony starts things out with a spirited monologue praising Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer while contrasting the story to the children’s book, The Rainbow Fish.  He then connects the two themes to Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.  Next, we begin our series of “Intro To” segments discussing the various branches of philosophy.  We discuss METAPHYSICS in this podcast.  Finally, we clean up shop by discussing a couple topics that Mike had on his mind: Humanists and Time Magazine’s “Person” of the Year award. 


EPISODE I: The Introduction  Click here to stream:  philosurvivalguideep1        Click here if you prefer iTunes

In Episode I:

Mike and Tony try to set up shop by introducing who we are, what this podcast will accomplish, and how we became interested in philosophy.  We then cover hard hitting issues such as: who should study philosophy, why anyone would choose philosophy as a major in college, and if a philosophy major’s resume is destined for an interview or the trash.


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