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Hello, All!

Thanks for checking out Philosophy: A Survival Guide, a podcast and blog (heavier on the podcast) dedicated to promote the study of philosophy through casual conversations and anecdotes that show that, like it or not, philosophy is everywhere.

If you decide to study philosophy, we hope to throw you a lifeline to bring you back to the “real world.”  We want to remind you that yes, those abstractions and generalities that you’re studying do have their proper context in your life.  We’ll help you stay grounded.  We hope to be your survival guide.

If you are doubtful that studying philosophy is necessary for everyday living, we hope to show you how studying and defining your personal philosophy will enhance your day-to-day life.  Trying to live without a defined philosophy is like trying write an essay without an outline; you may get the final paper done regardless, but a paper written with a properly outlined guide will be clearer, more efficient, and prevent the writer from wandering off course.  Philsophy is a survival guide.

See what we did there?

Anyway, we hope you have fun listening to our podcasts.  We’ll try to present a mixture of philosophic theory, fun stories, and we’ll try to keep it as far away from the guru’s mountain as possible.  We welcome you to send topic ideas, questions, or comments to: and/or follow us on Twitter: @philopodcast

Here’s who we are:

Michael Raveling  is a 12-year Software Test professional and Quality Assurance analyst. He’s a University of Minnesota graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science. He also hosts a wildly popular podcast about software testing ( )

Anthony Selbitschka has been working in the photographic/printing industry for all of his professional life, specializing in facilities/equipment management.  Anthony is also a University of Minnesota grad with a BA in Philosophy.
Anthony and Michael have been close friends for nearly 20 years.  They enjoy arguing, Timberwolves games, and most currently, Podcasting.
  • Small White: click HERE for more info (Episode VI intro and outro)
  • NIGHTOSAUR: Click HERE for more info.  (Episodes 1, 2, 3.  Episodes 4 and 5)
  • HUMP! (outro music, ep. 4, 5)

3 responses to “About Us

  1. Michael Kac

    February 10, 2012 at 8:51 pm

    See if you can track down the words to a song called ‘Tulane Four-Lane Philosophy Bues’, by Dan Finer (Dept. of Linguistics, Stony Brook). I can’t remember the whole song, but the gist is that a Tulane University Ph.D. in philosophy ends up as a trucker; and I *do* remember the chorus, which goes like this:

    I’ve got those Tulane four-lane philosophy blues
    As down the highway I cruise.
    I’m a philosopher trucker doin’ logic in my head;
    My thoughts are made of gold, my foot is made of lead.

    • Philosophy: A Survival Guide

      February 10, 2012 at 9:10 pm

      On it! Thanks!

      Also, Tony wants to mention that your Intro to Logic class was not only one of his personal fav’s, but it also was a game-changer. He mentions this very briefly in Ep. I that he was dabbling in philosophy classes to get some math credits. Your Logic class pretty much set the hook. Thanks again!


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