Upcoming: thought experiments

15 Sep

Thought experiments are invaluable tools for philosophers and philosophy students to concretize complex, abstract theories and to take the theory for a test drive. They’re also a good tool for philosophic hopefuls to hone their chops. In math classes we use story problems to drive home the lesson; we can learn long division all day, but the story problems asking how many apples Mary had on a train heading to Vermont clarifies the usage and shows the student his the theory is applicable to real life.

Our next podcast will pick a few of our favorite thought experiments, choosing some from ethics, metaphysics, and epistemology. We’ll describe the scenario, dissect the different angles, and see what light this may show on the abstract theory as well as its applicability to real life.

It should be a fun one!

We need suggestions, though. If you have a favorite scenario: The Inhospitable Hospital, The Pig Who Wanted To Be Eaten, etc. let us know and we’ll consider it for Episode 14.

Email: or leave a comment!

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Posted by on September 15, 2012 in philosophy


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