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Ep9: Aesthetics

Mike and Tones discuss philosophy’s role in Aesthetics and why anyone should care enough to think about art.  We also argue if Aesthetics should cover non-art within its definition.  This finally leads us to emphasize the role ideas and values play in artists’ creations and our subsequent appreciation of their works.

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Philosophy in Software Testing? (Mike’s Other Gig)

As noted in the “about us” section of this site, Philosophy: A Survival Guide co-host Michael Raveling also hosts a podcast directly related to his career: .  Every once in a while, Michael sneaks in some philosophic theory into these podcasts, but he and his co-host struck the jackpot in this episode with special guest, James Bach.  Bach was more than willing to entertain Michael’s philosophic discussion; he offered a fairly lengthy discussion on how studying philosophy was essential to his career as a software tester.  Even if you have zero interest in software testing, this particular episode offers a lot to anyone with an independent, critical mind.

Our mission with this podcast is to break down the barrier between philosophy and the so-called “real world” by not only demonstrating its worth in every-day living, but to also call out philosophic BS when we see it.  Bach seems to share this mentality. It’s not often that the study of philosophy gets much cred in discussions outside of philosophy itself, so we highly recommend that you check it out: HERE



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