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Ep7: The Presocratics and “Bull Crap”

Are the PreSocratics a bunch of goof balls with crazy ideas or are they worth studying?  Also, we discuss an article: “Philosophy: A Bunch of Bull Crap.”  Well, Is it?

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Episode VII: IN THE CAN!!

FINALLY, Mike and Tones found a way to get this Episode done despite our busy March schedules and the both of us traveling around the country.  Thanks to the magic of Skype, we have Episode VII in the can.  Tones has some editing to do, but we should see Episode VII: The Pre-Socratics by the end of the week!

Thanks for your patience and interest!  Hopefully things slow down and we’ll be back to our bi-weekly ‘casts.


Upcoming: The PreSocratics

Can a person step in the same river twice?  Do asses truly prefer chaff to gold?  Will Zeno ever really get anywhere?  Mike and Tones are studied up on the PreSocratics and ready to record another riveting episode next week.  Why bother with the PreSocratics?  Were they loony or brilliant?  What on Earth are they talking about and why should anyone in 2012 care?

If time allows, we’ll also continue our intro-to series and introduce Aesthetics.  We’ll also allot some time for a couple other hot topics and hopefully another philosophy joke to close the show.

Look for a Shamrock Shake and Guinness infused Episode VII to be edited and published around the 21st.

Update: Schedule conflicts forced yet another delay.  We are hoping to hook up with Skype to get this @#$$## episode recorded!!  This busy BUSY month of March has been mean and cruel.  Thanks for your patience!