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Ep6: Nietzsche, Love, and Dichotomies!

We offer our take on Nietzsche, we discuss LOVE (happy Valentines Day), and the importance of recognizing false dichotomies.

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Bumper Music by MPLS ‘s own, Small White:  (thanks, guys!)


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Upcoming: More Nietzsche, Love (for Valentine’s Day), and MORE!

We have a lot of good ideas for Episode VI, but it’s going to have to wait one more week.  Mike and Tones are still studying our Nietzsche and will need an extended break to finish up our prep work.  We will always shoot for a podcast every other week, which is certainly doable with familiar topics that only demand a few days to brush up on our notes.  When we’re going into philosophers completely Tabula Rasa, as in the case with Nietzsche, we’ll need more time to read, read, read!

See you next week!

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Ep5: Egalitarianism, Nietzsche, and SOP’s

Moving on to Politics, we discuss Egalitarianism.  We also discuss a few reading tips for the philosophy student, Tones gives an analogy that shows the need to avoid Pragmatism and to define your principles, and we close with our initial thoughts on Nietzsche (before discussing him further in Episode VI).

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Bumper Music by Nightosaur (intro) and Hump! (outro)

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Bumper Music Update!

1) Tones figured we’d have about 6 listeners for the first few months with the hope that someday we’d peak at 20. We’ve already surpassed any expectations as far as content downloads go (250 in 2 months?! what!?) and we’ve been hovering around iTunes first 50 podcasts listed under the general search of “philosophy.” While this is still pretty small potatoes in the grand scheme of things, it’s still much MUCH more than we’ve ever imagined.

2) Based on Tones’s underestimation of the interest in this podcast, he thought he could fly under the radar with his bumper music choices, giving some love to his favorite bands: Rush, Descendents, Big Business, Talking Heads, Nightosaur, etc. But now it’s time to protect ourselves and to respect these artists’ property. (Milo, if you give me the permission, we will make the Descendents our official house band. Milo? Geddy?)

3) Nightosaur has been kind enough to give us permission to use their music for our podcast. Thanks! Check them out HERE. We’ll also throw in a few bars from Tones’s old band, HUMP! and maybe record some other stuff. Tones just spent the last hour or so retrofitting Episodes 1-4, so we are now 100% legal, protected, and permitted.

4) Bumper music doesn’t really matter for a philosophy podcast, we know. But Tones is from the old age of mix tapes and choosing intros and outros is a nice opportunity to give a nod to our fav’s.

5) We respect and support the protection of property rights, copyrights, intellectual property, etc. We feel much better now that our bumper music reflects Mike and Tony’s stances on these issues.

Again, we can’t thank you enough for your interest in our podcast. We are having a blast producing them and it’s even better knowing someone out there is listening!