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Sketch of Episode IV (Link to Podcast is below):

In this Episode, Tony and Mike discuss a USA Today OpEd claiming that we don’t have FreeWill.  We then remember that we forgot to talk about REASON in EpIII’s Intro To Epistemology, so we briefly touch upon that.  Moving on to ETHICS, Mike and I lay out the FUNDAMENTAL element of our personal views on Ethics (our standard of value), setting up shop for future discussions on Ethics.  Lastly, we discuss Kierkegaard as our chosen philosopher/philosophy of the moment.

We learned:

  • NOISE!  Sorry about it.  In the first 6 minutes, something was wrong with the recording and we are left with some cracks and pops.  The last 20 minutes are filled with the joyous sounds of Mike’s son playing with his HotWheel Cars.  I hope you think it’s cute and not annoying.  We’ll strive to keep quiet next time.  Thanks for your patience.
  • Wiki was down during this podcast.  We support the fight against SOPA/PIPA.  Click here.
  • Tony still needs to learn to SLOW DOWN!  Whew…. take a breath!
  • This new format works.  We will continue to chose a philosopher or philosophy for each podcast for a nice discussion (on top of the usual smorgasbord of topics).

Thanks to you for checking us out.  We promise to improve with every episode!  Stick with us and be sure to suggest themes, questions, etc. to or @philopodcast on Twitter.


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Ep4: Kierkegaard, Ethics, Reason, and Free Will

We discuss a USA Today OpEd on Free Will, cleanup EpIII’s discussion on Epistemology, set up shop for future discussion on Ethics, and discuss Kierkegaard.

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Episode IV: DO OVER!

Mike and Tony had some technical issues with the last podcast and weren’t satisfied with quality of the finished product.  We had something wrong with the recording that left distracting pops and crackles throughout the discussion.  We hope to re-record Episode IV soon.  Since we get the chance of a do-over, we’ve decided to rethink our topics and change things up a bit.

To be honest, the throw-away episode came at a good time.  Mike and I were unsure on how to proceed with our upcoming discussion(s) on Ethics.  Since questions of morality will be inevitable in future episodes, we didn’t know how to offer up our own viewpoints without sounding like a sermon or a Dear Abby column.  We played with the idea of picking a few contrasting philosophies to answer the ethical questions, but we came to the conclusion that it would be almost impossible to hide our own thoughts on these issues.

We finally concluded that the best course of action will be to lay out the ground work for our own views on Ethics so you know where we’re coming from, but we will leave plenty of room for the members of our audience to make their own decisions.  We will also strive to offer up alternative viewpoints from contrasting philosophies (maybe a good cop/bad cop session?) to remind the audience that we’re not trying to become the Oracle at Delphi, or trying to promote our own philosophy.  Rather, we want to show the key issues at stake and offer starting points for the listeners to come up with their own conclusions.

In another format change, Mike would like to introduce a philosopher or philosophy in each episode to force us to do some learning of our own while taking you along for the ride.  For some reason, he wants to start with Kierkegaard.  I wonder what he has up his sleeve?  Time to study…

So far, here’s what’s on the docket for EpIV Redux, but this could certainly change.

  • Housecleaning from Episode III: how could we have an Epistemology episode and not mention REASON?!
  • Laying the groundwork for our discussion(s) on Ethics.
  • Intro to Ethics
  • Kierkegaard

Thanks so much for your interest in our Podcast!



Sketch of Episode III (Link to Podcast is below):

In this Episode, Tony discusses his new appreciation for New Years, Mike and Tony continue last episode’s discussion on Metaphysics, and begin their Introduction to Epistemology.  Tony shares some listener feedback, starting a brief conversation regarding lying.  Rather than taking the usual Ethical approach to this topic, Tony and Mike instead discuss lying with Metaphysics in mind.


We learned:

We are beginning to feel the push/pull of trying to keep this podcast under 30 minutes and keep the topics down to Earth, while discussing broad topics such as Metaphysics and Epistemology.  In order to define our terms, we feel it necessary to set up shop and introduce the major branches of philosophy (metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, aesthetics, politics) but we also realize there’s no way we can cover it all within the given time nor can we say it as clearly as we wished while we are recording an unscripted, off-the-cuff podcast.  Please keep in mind that these first few episodes are INTRODUCING these terms; we are not trying to say it all at once.  There’s no doubt that we’re leaving a lot of topics and arguments unsaid.  The moment we stop recording, we play the woulda/coulda/shoulda game, but that’s what Episode IV is for!


Thanks to you for checking us out.  We promise to improve with every episode!  Stick with us and be sure to suggest themes, questions, etc. to or @philopodcast on Twitter.


Ep3: Epistemology, More Metaphysics, and Merry New Year!

We discuss New Years, continue our discussion on Metaphysics, and begin our Introduction To Epistemology.

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