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Resolution: One More Podcast before New Years!

Mike and I have our rough sketch for Episode III (which by Star Wars standards, will be the last of the stinkers before it really gets good) and hope to record before 2011 comes to an end.  We’ve received some listener feedback (!) and have a plate full of topics.  Our plan is to record in time for a New Year’s release.  Here’s a sneak peek of what’s on the docket:

  • MERRY NEW YEAR!  What’s the point?
  • Housekeeping from Episode II: a couple leftover topics related to our brief discussion of Metaphysics
  • Lying
  • EPISTEMOLOGY (continuing our intro-to series).
  • Mike’s topics of the moment
  • Another Joke?

Our blog is recording more views than we expected at this point, so we are sincerely thankful for your interest in our podcast.  It certainly is nice knowing a few people are on the listening end of this!  We are having a blast with this podcast, and we hope you are getting some entertainment out of it as well.

Again, you can keep up with our progress on Twitter here.

Also, please email any suggestions or comments to:


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Sketch of Episode II (link is below):

In this Episode, Tony starts things out with a spirited monologue praising Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer while contrasting the story to the children’s book, The Rainbow Fish.  He then connects the two themes to Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.  Next, we begin our series of “Intro To” segments discussing the various branches of philosophy.  We discuss METAPHYSICS in this podcast.  Finally, we clean up shop by discussing a couple topics that Mike had on his mind: Humanists and Time Magazine’s “Person” of the Year award. 

We Learn:

  • Tony needs to learn how to share the mic.  Sorry, team.
  • Rudolf is to Rainbow Fish as Steve Jobs is to Bill Gates (in his most current form)
  • We guaranteed that Episode I would be 100% Jar Jar free… how about Episode II?  Damnit, Mike!
  • Nightosaur rocks.

\m/ Thanks to Minneapolis Rock Stars NIGHTOSAUR for the intro music!  Check out their CD, “Black Blood of the Earth” and look out for a 2012 release!  \m/

Thanks to you for checking us out.  We promise to improve with every episode!  Stick with us and be sure to suggest themes, questions, etc. to or @philopodcast on Twitter.

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Ep2: Metaphysics, Rudolf, and Rainbow Fish

Rudolf = Jobs, Rainbow Fish = Gates??  Intro to Metaphysics

Click here to stream: philosurvivalguideep2

Click here if you prefer iTunes

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Episode II is coming to town…

HO HO HO!  It’s been a BUSY holiday season, but Mike and Tony have finally locked down a date and time and plan to record on Saturday night.  Expect to see Episode II popping up sometime during the weekend, depending on how many “uhs” Tony needs to edit out vs. how many last minute gifts he needs to buy.

Our planned hot topics will (most likely) include:

  • Rudolf vs. The Rainbow Fish
  • Gates and Jobs
  • Metaphysics (our intro to the branches of philosophy)
  • Whatever Mike and Tony come up with to fill the time.

Meanwhile, you can follow us on Twitter  @philopodcast  if you’d like up-to-date… errr… updates.

Also, you feel free to email us: with any questions, comments, complaints, etc.

Thanks again for your interest and here’s to a safe and HAPPY holiday season!

–Tones and Mike

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Sketch of what to expect in Episode I (link is below)

(We’ve learned that we should separate the description from the podcast in two posts to avoid cluttering up the iTunes description.  You’ll find the podcast streamable and iTunes-able directly below this post.)


In Episode I:

Mike and Tony try to set up shop by introducing who we are, what this podcast will accomplish, and how we became interested in philosophy.  We then cover hard hitting issues such as: who should study philosophy, why anyone would choose philosophy as a major in college, and if a philosophy major’s resume is destined for an interview or the trash.

We’ve learned:

  • Tony references Quantum Leap, Star Treks II and III, and the movie Se7en.  He needs to get current on his references.
  • Mike’s MN accent is more hardcore than Tony’s.
  • Bruce Lee was a “philosopher major.”
  • Podcasting is awkward and hard; we hope to find our groove by Episode IV.  The first 3 Episodes of Star Wars don’t count either.
  • Editing out Uh’s and Giggles is time consuming.  Mike totally lost it at the end, so pardon the jumpiness.  We hope to get better at that too.

Again, we appreciate your interest and encourage any comments or topic ideas!


Mike and Tony


EPISODE I: The Introduction

We set up shop, talk about majoring in philosophy and why anyone would/should want to study it.

Click here to stream: philosurvivalguideep1

Click here if you prefer iTunes


Welcome to Philosophy: A Survival Guide!

Hello, All!

Thanks for checking out Philosophy: A Survival Guide, a podcast and blog (heavier on the podcast) dedicated to promote the study of philosophy through casual conversations and anecdotes that show that, like it or not, philosophy is everywhere.

If you decide to study philosophy, we hope to throw you a lifeline to bring you back to the “real world.”  We want to remind you that yes, those abstractions and generalities that you’re studying do have their proper context in your life.  We’ll help you stay grounded.  We hope to be your survival guide.

If you are doubtful that studying philosophy is necessary for everyday living, we hope to show you how studying and defining your personal philosophy will enhance your day-to-day life.  Trying to live without a defined philosophy is like trying write an essay without an outline; you may get the final paper done regardless, but a paper written with a properly outlined guide will be clearer, more efficient, and prevent the writer from wandering off course.  Philsophy is a survival guide.

See what we did there?

Anyway, we hope you have fun listening to our podcasts.  We’ll try to present a mixture of philosophic theory, fun stories, and we’ll try to keep it as far away from the guru’s mountain as possible.  We welcome you to send topic ideas, questions, or comments to: and/or follow us on Twitter: @philopodcast

Here’s who we are:

Michael Raveling  is a 12-year Software Test professional and Quality Assurance analyst. He’s a University of Minnesota graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science. He also hosts a wildly popular podcast about software testing ( )

Anthony Selbitschka has been working in the photographic/printing industry for all of his professional life, specializing in facilities/equipment management.  Anthony is also a University of Minnesota grad with a BA in Philosophy.
Anthony and Michael have been close friends for nearly 20 years.  They enjoy arguing, Timberwolves games, and most currently, Podcasting.
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